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On February 5, 2014
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How to Impress Your Russian Pen Pal

It’s necessary to act like a perfect gentleman at all times if you want to impress the Russian pen pal you’ve been chatting to. Russian girls are very proud of their country and they will not want to interact with someone who makes disrespectful comments about their nationality or traditions. Below is a little list of things you could do to impress your online partner and avoid offending her.

1. Her language skills

Anyone who has ever learned a foreign language will agree that it’s not an easy thing to do. Being made fun of by a native speaker will definitely not help the process go smoother, so whatever you do, never laugh at your Russian pen pal when she makes a mistake. It doesn’t matter if you’re only joking as your sense of humour can differ and she might take it the wrong way. You should try to help her as much as you can and encourage her to speak more often. Correct her mistakes tactfully and be patient when it comes to teaching pronunciation.

Russian Pen Pal

2. Don’t believe everything you hear

Anyone who’s been on the international dating scene for awhile has probably heard the inaccurate and unfair stereotypes about dating Russian women. If you want to make sure your online partner does not get offended, never repeat the myths that you hear. Accusing her of wanting to find a foreign husband for a US green card or telling her you believe all Russians are communists will only make you sound foolish. You must treat all women like they are special and unique and you shouldn’t generalise based on their nationality.

3. Learn things about her country of origin

If you want to show your Russian pen pal that you’re truly interested in her, make an effort to get to know her country of origin. Learn a few phrases and sentences in Russian, study the maps to know the locations of Russia’s largest cities and learn some basic facts about geography. She will appreciate the work your putting into it and she can be sure that your intentions are serious.

4. Always be respectful

If you want to act like a true gentleman, never make fun of anyone’s country or traditions. Even though your partner could end up agreeing with you and find your jokes amusing, she might not be happy about hearing you criticise her country as a foreigner. Don’t say anything negative about her country of origin, not until you know that your words won’t offend her. Even then, be sensible when you bring up this topic. The last thing you want to do is make a woman think that she’s not good enough for you or her nationality is somehow inferior to yours.

Alex Vidal