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If you want to learn how to pick up women, you need to know these tips.

If you find yourself at the end of the rope when it comes to approaching beautiful Russian women, all you need to do is get a clue and develop some nerves. Don’t let your racing heart or your sweaty palms get in the way.

You must approach her with a blast, leaving an enduring impression so strong that even if you don’t end up together, she will have a fond memory of you. Below are some of the best ways to successfully approach a woman that guarantee a positive response.

russian womenBe sociable and not desperate. If you walk into a bar, don’t go around surveying for prospects, and talking to them one by one. Russian women are aware of this approach. It is better to mingle socially with everyone and enjoy. Before the end of the night, you’ll be chummy-chummy with your prospect, and then you can ask for a first date.

Make eye contact. If you catch a glimpse of someone you would like to date, seek eye contact before approaching her. The moment she looks at you, do your best to maintain eye contact, and then smile.

Don’t use pick-up lines. Most Russian women have already heard all sorts of pick-up lines. Though you try to appear clever with your pick-up line, she’ll notice you more with eye contact and a smile.

If you are to open a conversation, start with anything about the place you both are in. Do you come here often? Is that coffee good, because I’ve never tried it before? They play good music, do they? These examples will help you begin a conversation.

You can also start your conversation with a compliment like, I can’t help noticing how beautiful your hair is. Of course, it has to be genuine and friendly, and not in a creepy stalker type of way. When you’re already talking, be a good listener. Focus on her interests to show that you really have the intent of knowing her. Also, women do well on passionately engaging chats, so you must eagerly draw her in and fire up her thoughts at once. Because if she finds you boring to talk to in the first few minutes, she’ll begin thinking of ways on how to escape from you.

Be confident and don’t effuse negative body language. Women are extremely alert and brainy when it comes to the signals that men give off. You should have your chin up, shoulders relaxed, and walk slowly, deliberately, and self-importantly, but not in a very arrogant way.

Women usually have no interest in men who seem lower in social status than them. Women know if you don’t fit in to her circle. If you cast a good and bold image by way of a positive body language, you are less likely to get rejected before you could even open your mouth.

Project an aura of adventure, excitement, and mystery. If they don’t think you’re such a total loser, they will at least talk to you even if you’re not their type. Who knows, they might not be attracted to you at first, but you can charm them with your great personality.

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