The numbers show that in online dating, most of the men looking to date European women are older. The average age for men is 40 or above. The women looking to date men are usually younger, and the average for them is 27. That means that a lot of the international couples consist of an older guy and a younger woman. If you are in that situation or worried about getting into it, then this article is perfect for you. How can you conquer the age factor when dating younger European women?

There are three vital things you want to focus on:

1. Let’s look at the studies.

European womenWhen you read studies focused on younger women dating older women, then it turns out that in Russia for example, women prefer dating older men and for two reasons. The emotional and financial security. People with more life experience are much more stable and usually have their priorities straight. Younger women are often interested in creating a family and want the man to be able to provide.

2. Age is only a number.

You are only as old as you happen to feel. That doesn’t mean you should start following the latest teen trends for hair and clothes. It is more a state of mind issue. The human body ages, sure. But it becomes insignificant if you are focused on staying healthy and enjoying yourself. A good diet, some exercise and focusing on your hobbies will boost your confidence considerably.

3. Focusing on what matters.

It sounds incredibly cliche, but it truly is the inside that matters. The personality, the character, the way of thinking. These are the things mature people focus on when starting to date someone. Age and looks are secondary. If you value similar things is important, how much respect you have for others is important, honesty and good manners are important. Therefore, there isn’t anything to worry about if you decide to focus on dating younger European women.

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