Interracial relationships are on the rise. People who prefer to have foreign nationals as a wife are increasing every day. Russian women are foremost in the list of those women who prefer to choose their spouse from other lands and races. Dream Relationships like these can turn out to be very troublesome later on in life. There are various reasons for such relationships to turn sour with the passage of time.

Beginning of the Relationship

The relationship that had fascinated you for so long cannot be initiated without the help of an interpreter. The translator has to be there for you every time you see your girlfriend. You might ignore him but he is always there. Then there is also the financial factor. If you are paying for the translator you will soon be bankrupt. Whenever you plan an evening out with your loved one you will have to include the pay rate of the translator in your budget along with the other expenses.

Kind of Translator

Language is the way to express inner thoughts and emotions. Every language has its own exquisite qualities but these expressions are marred by translation. Besides every interpreter has his/her own way of expressing the thoughts, maybe he/she is not expressing your words the way you want.

Lack of Intimacy

A love relationship is very intimate. Especially in case of people belonging to two different countries and cultures, they will have to spend lots of time together to get to know each other.  The presence of an interpreter between two lovers would have a very adverse effect on the lovers. They would have no privacy whatsoever. During a love affair people have many intimate moments. They want to have quality time together, so will the translator accompany them during those private moments as well. The translator would act as a party pooper rather than help them communicate with each other.

How to Disagree?

Every two people in love have to have disagreements and fights at some point in time but how would it be possible to fight with someone who doesn’t understand your language?

The Issue of Immigration    

If the relationship advances to the level of engagement or marriage, the problem of lack of a common language shall be renewed. The immigration process shall require her to appear for interviews, she would fail to satisfy the immigration officials with her incorrect language. It is a time tested fact that long distance relationships don’t work out in the long term. So before a man starts to get involved with a Russian girl he should make sure she can speak English, because not all women are quick learners. Just because you think your Russian speaking girlfriend will be willing and quick to learn your language, doesn’t mean she will do it. Disappointment after a lot of expectations can be very painful, so to avoid it you have to be practical enough to choose an English speaking Russian girl from the hordes of Russian speaking women.

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