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On February 4, 2016
Last modified:February 21, 2016


Russian people are very superstitious – probably more so than people from other countries. It is deepy woven into their culture. Most of these superstitins are about relationships and love so if you want to date Russian women, you should learn what the common ones are. Let’s have a look at some of the Russian relationship superstitions.

1. Feet

Russian relationship superstitionsIf you step on someone’s foot by accident in Russia then they need to do the same thing to you. Sounds unusual, right? There is a saying about this – unless you step back your relationship will suffer from a lot of fights. While you may think it is kind of silly, you can bet that your Russian date does not.

2. Rings

If you get married or engaged in Russia you can’t take off your wedding ring for any reason. Not for showing it to others, not for playing sports. In the States this is not a big deal but in Russia you simply don’t do it. Removing your ring is like removing the love and happiness from the relationship. Never mess up with this one.

3. Looking Back

This one involves weddings. On the day you are getting married, on your way to church, you can’t look back over you shoulder. Even if something catches your attention. The story for this superstition is that if you do look back, it means you are missing your former life and home too much. A wedding day is supposed to be a celebration of the beginning of new things.

4. Flowers

Do not buy a Russian date yellow flowers. The colour yellow is tied to several negative events and people from the Russian history so when you go out to get flowers, avoid yellow.
Also keep in mind that you should get an odd number of flowers. Even numbered flowers are given on funerals and you don’t want to mess up with that one.