European Women

Read our tips on where to meet stunning European women, how to attract their attention and how to beat the challenges of long distance relationships.

Sweep Your Russian Lady Off Her Feet With These Phrases

russian lady
russian lady

Most women are interested in romance. What’s more seductive than being sweet with words? This may sound complicated because your Russian lady speaks a different language but if you put effort into it then success is guaranteed.

It is not very customary in the Russian culture to be very expressive but it is definitely impressive when a foreign guy tries to speak the language. Russians are very proud people and this is a great sign of respect. We have put together a compilation of sentences you can use when you’re chatting to a hot Russian woman via the AnastasiaDate’s services: read more

5 Things That Can Help Your Ukrainian Wife Get Over Culture Shock


Travelling from one side of the world to the other for love isn’t a rare sight. Lots of people get together through online dating and make the decision to move to a new country to be with their spouse. This transition isn’t always easy and sadly not many couples stay together after one party struggles with getting used to the new environment and trying to get over the culture shock. read more

How To Get Great European Penpals

european penpals

Looking for European penpals can be a great way to seek out and find women from eastern european countries who have grown to be famous all over the world for their great natural beauty. But, the question is, how do you go about it? Well, in this era, where communication seems to be such an easy thing, one might really wonder if it possible to spend time writing letters to a friend. Well, if this has to be done to some beautiful ladies? What would be your opinion regarding that? It doesn’t sound too bad that you would need to write to some beautiful girls in some of the best European countries. read more

Why Eastern European Women are Considered by Men as Soulmates

Finding one’s soul mate seems to be the ultimate goal of man since time immemorial. In this day and age the perceptions have changed about everything. Along with everything else the choices for marriage have also gone through a transition. People today want to experience the diversity of various cultures. They even want their soul mate to belong to a different country. The revolution that is being noticed since a while now is the inclination of Western men towards East European women. read more