Common Misconceptions of Eastern European Women, Part 1

Eastern European women

Eastern European women have many stereotypes associated with them, from complementary ones such as being tall, slender and beautiful. And then not so favourable accusations of being cold and blunt in demeanour. While stereotypes, are by their very nature extremely general and cannot be applied to every person from every race, there are certainly elements of truth amongst them. What we may perceive as one thing in our culture, is just a normal way to deals with a situation in theirs and what is important is understanding any social and cultural nuances to ensure that miscommunication is avoided. read more

How Do You Know When it is The Right Time to Meet the Parents

When embarking on a new romantic relationship, there are several key milestones that need careful planning and navigations. These include meeting the friends, becoming exclusive, and most nerve-wracking of all, meeting the parents. Whether she is meeting yours, or you are meeting hers, the pressure is on to make the right impression. The stakes are even higher when you and your partner come from different backgrounds so getting the timing of this first meeting is extremely important. read more

How to Keep the Romance Alive

Once you have found the girl of your dreams and the initial buzz of it being something new and exciting has worn off, it can be difficult to keep that honeymoon period feeling. Complacency is one of the biggest killers of romance and getting accustomed and used to what you have can signal the beginning of the end of what was once a perfect relationship. So how do you keep things fresh and make sure that neither of you gets bored? Here are some tips on keeping that passionate flame burning. read more

What Constitutes As Cheating?


In today’s modern world, relationships are constantly put under strain. Long working hours, stressful day to day life, the swipe-right mentality caused by apps such as Tinder and Badoo. Not to mention the fast-paced, disposable attitude towards intimate relationships. All of these factors combined have lead to a situation where we see divorce rates soaring and increasing numbers of people embarking on extramarital affairs. So what exactly constitutes as cheating in today’s terms? In today’s article, we will explore the different stages of what could be considered infidelity. read more