So you have been dating this amazing girl for a while, and things have been going well. So well, in fact, that you are looking to take things to the next level. She, however, doesn’t seem to be moving at the same pace. What could be the issues here and what can you do about them? In this article, we offer dating advice for those who want to get past doubts and finally move in together.

1. Career? Family? Both? Neither?

datingIn the western world, most women have to face this issue. If they want a family, it seems like they can’t have a successful career. If they want a career, it seems impossible to be a great parent to the kids. Even in today’s age, the responsibility of raising a family is on the woman’s shoulder. Men get to go and enjoy their work and hobbies while having the comfort that someone always takes care of the family.

Where are you in all this? Would you support your partner’s ambitions of landing a big job? Would you rather stay old-school and be the sole bread winner? The best thing to do is to discuss this topic with your partner. She needs to know where exactly you stand.

2. She Loves Living Alone

Another thing that is very common these days – people don’t move in as fast as they used to. Women aren’t primarily looking to settle down and live together because the single life offers so many benefits. One could say that we have gotten more selfish with the passing decades. Not only women but also men. In our home, we get to decide how things work, and there is no need always to compromise. The reason she wants to live alone may also be that she isn’t fully mature yet.

3. She Simply Does Not Want To

It’s possible that your lady has no interest in moving in together. Maybe the way things are is perfect for her, and she doesn’t want anything to change. You need to have a serious discussion about this – maybe things won’t be moving forward with you two because you are on different pages. It is likely that you need to take some time to see if it is the right romantic relationship for you.

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