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Find Out the Secrets Behind International Online Dating Companies

A disagreement in Federal Court has recently occured between a couple of major internet dating sites. Anastasia International accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with trademark offenses, wrong promotions, indirect interference and illegal competition, in the New York City Federal Court. For their web page, Anastasia employs the internet addresses Anastasiadate together with Despite the misconception that EM Online are based in the United States, they are really headquartered in Australia.

“Anastasia, who have took EM Online to court, matchmakes American men with Russian and Ukrainian ladies. By far the most highly targeteInternet Datingd area of the U,S is The Big Apple”, claims the statement. “EM Online precisely impedes upon Anastasia’s market. “Based upon details and belief, Elena’s Models runs or sponsors web-sites known as ‘’ and ‘'”. Both of these websites disguise the identity of their owners by using a proxy service. To make matters much more suspicious, these websites reroute whoever is viewing them to These websites accuse Anastasiadate of carefully perpetuating frauds and fraudulent deceptions upon its clientele, and then recommend that the clients use Elena’s Models, which allegedly doesn’t follow these practices. “The website proposes to show extracts from e-mails written by women with profiles on The e-mails are all recurring, and claim that ladies shown on aren’t really women searching for love, according to they are really girls who are paid to talk with men The emails from these girls are plainly fake, making these claims false. Anastasiadate’s main concern is to make sure that all the women in the site’s service are real girls who are seeking love.”

The complaint says that EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, since they know that what they are saying is bogus, and that the emails were composed with the only intention of unfairly preventing Anastasiadate’s business. According to Anastasia, Elena’s Models is using its other site,, to harm other businesses and advertise its own, in a very unjust manner. “The website, while acting to be an independently developed forum for the exchange of info about international dating services, in reality is just choosing and submitting negative information about Elena’s Models’ competitors (including Anastasia) and positive reviews about Elena’s Models service. The internet site retains a lot of false advertisement about Anastasiadate, which has in the long run been tinkered with by EM Online,” the complaint states.

Anastasia claims that infringes on its copyrighted logo to swipe potential customers. “As a result of how search engines like google work, while using Anastasiadate’s trademarks has made far more visible on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines,” the accusation says. Anastasia is seeking a basic and long-term injunction, and treble and punitive damages. Anastasia are being defended by Richard C. Yeskoo.

Anastasiadate’s services include interacting with “a few of the world’s most beautiful girls!” “Anastasiadate offers the world’s greatest online dating service,” the site says. The meta description is “your quickest way to a collection of replies, genuine and affectionate females, 24/7 customer service and security.”

On, an anon author states that he knows everything concerning the site. According to him, Anastasiadate hires girls who are paid to communicate with the customers. He claims he knows this just because a woman he talked with in Ukraine informed him how Anastasiadate works. For chatting and emailing men, these women are promised a high pay and other benefits. The criteria needed for such a “job” are: to be over 18 years and to be literate in English and in computers.

The lady could have been working for Elena’s Models, as she actually advised the site to him!

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