If you have no idea how to go about things, dating Russian women can be an uphill battle. There are similarities that women all over the globe have, but most of the behaviour is still influenced by the cultural background. Let’s take a look at what you should know about the Russian culture before dating Russian women.

1. Russian Women Love To Look GoodRussian women

You will find fascinating that these ladies dress up even for the smallest occasion. Even if it is just going to the supermarket, they will look their best. They love to stress their femininity, care for their appearance, take care of their bodies and eat healthily. Because they are so dedicated to looks, they will want their male counterpart to do the same – look his best.

2. Romance + Gifts

Both is expected of you when you date these ladies. They are used to being treated with respect so brush up on your gentlemanly skills. Open the doors, help the women to their seat, and so on. Gifts are expected for almost all occasions. Bringing a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate to a first date is a must. Gifts should not be expensive – otherwise, it looks like you are trying to impress the women with money.

3. Defining the Relationship

Even if you are just casually dating, dating several people at the same time is not okay in the Russian culture. You become exclusive rather fast, and you may want to keep that in mind. Casual play with these women will not work.


Remember these tips we provided and your dating of Russian women should go smoothly. Come back soon for more Russian dating advice and until then – good luck

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