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On December 1, 2017
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There is no escaping the fact that Tinder has become a part of modern day culture. Whether you met your partner on it, use it to window shop or have friends that use it on a regular basis – this online dating platform is continuing to grow in popularity at an alarming rate. With over 50 million daily users and 12 million matches per day, how do you make yourself stand out? We have helpfully compiled a list of the top 3 tried and tested tips to help you optimise your profile for the best results.

online-datingShow Your Face Clearly in Your Pictures

Any potential match wants to be able to get a clear idea of what you look like as soon as they land on your profile, ensure that your main picture shows you looking directly at the camera and without accessories such as sunglasses and hats which may partially obscure your face. Also, try to avoid group photos, a possible match may be put off by trying to work out which one is you amongst a crowd of smiling faces.

Keep it Decent


Well all know that a percentage of Tinder users are there just for one thing, and even if you are one of them, please remember that not everyone wants to be confronted by a suggestive, half naked picture of you in your favourite pants. Be respectful and remember that underwear shots make you look desperate at best, and creepy at worst.

Choose Your Language Carefully


When writing your bio, be polite, don’t use bad language and refrain from oversharing. Also, try to avoid stating what you do or don’t want in a partner. Not only could you potentially put-off your soulmate, but it can make you look arrogant and unapproachable. Instead, be positive, talk about your hobbies and interests as well as the best aspects of your personality. Being upbeat is much more likely to get you a swipe right than by focussing on criticism or what you don’t want.

Now, I am not promising to turn you into an overnight, Tinder sensation but by following these three simple tips, you should start to see an increase in matches on your profile. But just remember- courtesy, respect, and manners don’t stop after you have matched with someone and abiding by these rules throughout the dating process can only yield good results.

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