Eastern European womenEastern European women have many stereotypes associated with them, from complementary ones such as being tall, slender and beautiful. And then not so favourable accusations of being cold and blunt in demeanour. While stereotypes, are by their very nature extremely general and cannot be applied to every person from every race, there are certainly elements of truth amongst them. What we may perceive as one thing in our culture, is just a normal way to deals with a situation in theirs and what is important is understanding any social and cultural nuances to ensure that miscommunication is avoided.

Differences in Culture

In our western society, we have become very accustomed to everyone being friendly all of the time. Everywhere we go we are greeted with big smiles. “Hi, how are you, have a nice day”. Even with people we have first met, we are expected to smile, laugh at their jokes and out up a facade of fake familiarity. That just isn’t expected in countries like Russia and Ukraine. If you feel that an Eastern European is treating you like a stranger, it is because you are. They will keep you at arm’s length. That is until they get to know you and get to understand who you are and exactly what intentions you have.

How to Interact With People

The key to navigating this cool exterior is perseverance. But that while still respecting their wishes to get to know you slowly and at their pace. Ensure that you are genuine in every statement that you say. Now is not the time for grandiose, over the top, sweeping statements or exaggerations. Over-familiarity and overly emotional gestures will it be tolerated. Instead, one should mirror their tone and behaviour, be polite and make conversation but do not try to force the situation.

Making Others Feel Comfortable

The end goal is to let your dates feel comfortable in your company. So comfortable that they start to let down some of the social barriers that are so common in their society. Once you have managed to do this, you will see that beyond their icy exterior, they are warmer, friendlier and kinder than any of their Western counterparts.

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