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On January 10, 2016
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So you have set your eyes on a gorgeous Ukrainian woman you want to date. What can you do to tip the odds in your favour? This article offers helpful tips on how you can do just that.

1. Dress to impress.

Ukrainian womanUkrainian women are dedicated to looking their best so they are interested in men who feel the same way. Your appearance is always the first thing people notice and you want to leave a great first impression. After all first impressions last, remember? If you aren’t the sharpest dressers then perhaps you can ask a friend to help you out. There are also stylists in many stores that can help you put together something amazing. Go for well-fit clothes that are geared towards business casual wear. Don’t forget a nice scent. All of this should give off an aura of masculinity and power.

2. Be confident.

People are always going to be attracted to those that exude confidence. Add chivalry to confidence and you have all doors open to you. Help her to her seat when you go out to eat, open doors for her, bring her flowers and so on. Do the whole prince charming thing. Note that when you bring your date flowers, in the Ukrainian culture flowers must be odd numbered. That is unless you are going to a funeral – in that case you bring even numbered flowers. Also avoid the colour yellow – it is a symbol of breaking up.
On the note of confidence – don’t do things that could compromise it. Avoid trying to speak her language unless you are already well versed with it. It will lessen the air of confidence.

3. Show interest in her.

Wanting to impress someone who is attractive to us is a normal impulse. That can lead us to focus too much on ourselves – describing every little accomplishment we have had in our life. It is okay to talk a little about ourselves but the main focus should remain with the person you are interested in. Ask her questions about her hobbies and interests. Find common ground and avoid heated topics such as money, religion, politics and so forth. Once you know each other better these topics will be okay.


Getting close to an Ukrainian woman isn’t easy, but easy things are never worth it, are they? Follow the tips we gave you and you should soon see success. Come back soon for more Ukrainian dating tips.