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On June 28, 2015
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Being in a relationship with a Russian woman doesn’t mean simply being in love with her. If you have a look at the entire picture, you see you need to develop a love for her family, her culture and traditions. These things aren’t as difficult as they sound but there are a couple of very surprising things that Russians do differently. We have highlighted 7 interesting facts about what you are going to have to start adapting to.

1. Congratulating others on a great sauna. Russians

Russians actually have a saying about this: “С легким паром” which translates into a congratulatory statement for steaming or taking a bath. The way Russians hear it is “Enjoy your steam time.” We suggest you learn how to say this and improve your accent.

2. Asking how are you.

This simple phrase is considered a nice greeting in the West and it is usually answered with “I’m good, how are you?” It is much different in Russia where
you are actually expected to answer the question in detail. Short answers like: “Fantastic”, “Okay”, “Good” and the like will not be enough. In fact they are considered rude.

3. Not a lot of smiling.

In the Western worlds and places like South America and Africa, greeting someone with a smile is the norm. In Russia though, smiles are reserved for friends and family. Smiling at strangers seems suspicious for them and you won’t be seeing much of this when walking on the streets. Even the girl you are dating may be somewhat reserved at first. Don’t take it personally.

4. New Year’s is Christmas

In the Western world, Christmas is celebrated with a tree and tons of gifts and around the 24-25th of December. In Russia all of this is reserved for the new year’s eve when their Christmas happens.

5. Stuck to the table

Having meals with Russians is a fascinating experience. You should get used to sitting around the table even hours after the meal is finished. They can sit around and have long conversations for hours. This info is definitely useful when you are going to meet your partner’s parents for the first time.

6. Tons of food.

When Russians have guests over, they can always expect that there will be ridiculous amounts of food. The Western version of tea, coffee, biscuits is nothing when compared to Russia. You should be ready to eat many new things you’ve never even heard of.

7. Making friends isn’t difficult.

This sounds unusually, especially when we said that Russians don’t like to smile at strangers much. But in Russia it is natural to invite a strange over to their house for a cup of tea of coffee. You will receive the best treatment ever at a Russian household.

Any surprises?

There are more things to look out for. There are many differences in the West and the East when it comes to cultures and if you are sincere in your desire to build a great relationship with a Russian woman then you will put in effort to learn about her country and her traditions.

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