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Russian women rank at the top of the list on online dating sites. They are seen as highly sought after partners and prospective wives. That is due to the qualities these ladies possess. Now, let’s assume that you have met a woman from this country, you’ve been online dating for a while and now you want to visit her in Europe. This article offers you great tips for visiting your Russian girlfriend.

Tip no. 1 – You Need a Visa for Visiting Russia

If you don’t happen to live in Russia then no matter here you are from you need a visa to get into the country. It is compulsory for all nationalities. Another tip regarding visas – you should always refer to the official Russian consulate in your home country when you are trying to secure your visa. That is because some countries have different requirements that apply to their visa. Start long ahead of time with getting a visa. It may take a while, especially so if you happen to be an American. Russian girlfrend

Tip no. 2 – Dealing with Language Barriers

Travelling to meet your girlfriend in her country, you need to factor in the language barriers you are going to encounter. Lots of people in Russia still don’t speak a word of English and your girlfriend may not be perfect at it either. You need to be very patient and perhaps even pick up an electronic translator that has the Russian language encoded. That can be a ton of help to you when you are trying to deal with everyday life there. You will probably meet her family as well so an electronic translator is a great investment.

Tip no. 3 – Hotels

A great thing about hotels in Russia is that you can book them from home and have everything ready for when you arrive. This applies to most hotels in the country. Look for hotels near where your girlfriend lives – for convenience. Staying at a hotel is better than staying at her place right away because otherwise the relationship may suffer an unnecessary strain. Too much pressure at early stages of a relationship never ends too well. Remember that even if you’ve been online chatting for 6 months, that differs from actually being together with someone for 6 months. Even if your partner insist on it you should still be wiser and take things slowly.

Tip no. 4 – Transportation

Most people in Russia use public transport and foreigners usually take taxis for convenience. Because of tourists mostly travelling by taxi the costs are quite high and you should therefore ask your Russian partner to arrange a pick up from the airport. You will save a lot of money like this for your dates. Also ask the receptionist for help at the hotel. Ask them to write down the addresses where you are going in town, to help you communicate with your taxi driver much better. Remember to bring your hotel card with you everywhere you go, so you can tell the driver where to take you.

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