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On June 20, 2015
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Polish women are very popular on the dating market because of their natural beauty and their attitude towards personal relationships. After you have met a wonderful woman and want to ask her out on a date, you need to consider several cultural differences you will have to face. The best thing to do is research on the Polish dating culture and get some helpful tips. To help you get started we have listed 4 of the most common mistakes men make when on a first date with a Polish woman.

Showing up empty handed.

In Poland, you don’t visit anyone empty handed. Be it at their house or going on a date. The guest is expected to bring a small gift that may be flowers, chocolate, wine and so on. When meeting the woman you want to date for the very first time, the best idea is to bring her a nice bouquet and a box of chocolates. Keep in mind that the gifts don’t have to be expensive but need to appear like you’ve put some effort into trying to create a good first impression. date with a Polish woman

Expecting intimacy right away.

The Polish culture is mainly catholic so you can draw your own conclusion why that isn’t a good idea. People are still leaning towards the conservative way of courtship so people are expected to wait with this part of the relationship. It is much different in the west where the women are more open to the idea of intimacy. Polish women however want to take things more slow. They have seen western guys only be interested in that side of the relationship and therefore are much more reserved. Treat her like she’s a lady and refrain from bringing this topic up too soon.

Moving too fast.

As you can tell from the previous point Polish dating differs from the west by the speed of progress in the relationship as well as in other ways. In the west guys expect a kiss when the first date goes well and if the third one goes well then even more physical intimacy is expected. The Polish culture hardly tolerates anything like this. You have to spend much more time with the woman and really get to know her. Polish women usually date with the intent of finding someone to marry so it will take longer than you are used to. If you get impatient you are going to lose her.

Assuming she speaks perfect English.

Westerners often expect people all over the world to have some command of the English language but it isn’t always so. Even if her letters make you feel like she is fluent, there can still be a gap when your in conversation because Polish women don’t get that much practice. Her accent may make it a bit difficult for you to understand her and your use of complicated words or slang may cause problems for her. Be patient, supportive and speak slower and use simpler language to help her understand.