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On June 13, 2015
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What do you think a Russian bride is? Where did that idea come from and do you really believe it? Most Westerners have misconceptions about what a Russian bride is – some ideas are accurate and others are not. Some are positive and others are not. If you’re interested in dating Russian women you should figure out which ones are truthful. We have listed 4 ideas that Western men have of Russian brides that aren’t true: Russian brides

1. All Russian brides are stunning

There are tons of stereotypes around about Russian women and them being beautiful is probably the most known one. The truth is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most Russian ladies do have stunning features – a hour glass body, piercing eyes, gorgeous hair. Naturally not everyone is stunning over there.

2. You can mail order brides from Russian

Another misconception. You can’t “order” anyone from the net. You have the opportunity to date someone over the web. Get really close to them. Meet them in person and develop a relationship from there. It’s a typical boy-meets-girl way of dating not like ordering a person over the web.

3. All Russian brides are dying to move to America

The truth is that a lot of them love to travel but don’t want to move away from their home country. There are also France, Spain and many exotic Asian countries on the table should they want to move. It is wrong to think that all Russian women think of America as the land of opportunities. Russians typically view America very differently than people from lots of other regions.

4. All Russian brides are ready to love you

Signing up to an online dating profile usually means that people are sincerely looking for love. There is a misconception that Russian women will automatically go for the first western guy that shows them any interest. Dating Russian women is like dating any woman. You must have that initial spark, get to know each other and see if you can build something serious from there.

Do you have anything to add?

Our misconceptions depend on which culture we come from and the best way to rid yourself from them is to make friends with someone from a new country or date someone from there. It also doesn’t hurt to read about that culture as much as you can so you are much better prepared for what’s ahead of you.

Do you have anything to add to our 4 misconceptions? Leave your comment below and come back soon for more Russian dating tips.